Ilera Unveils Ayo O’MY! 40mg Pineapple Key Lime Chews for LA’s Medical Marijuana Market at Capitol Wellness Solutions

Aug 21, 2023 | News

Ilera Prelaunch celebration

Baton Rouge, LA – August 14, 2023 – Capitol Wellness Solutions takes pride in being the first dispensary in Louisiana to dispense medical marijuana, playing a pivotal role in the state’s evolving medical marijuana landscape. Capitol Wellness is thrilled to host the unveiling of the highly anticipated Ayo O’MY! 40 mg Pineapple Key Lime Chews, exclusively tailored for the Louisiana market. These chews hold the distinction of being the sole 40 mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) infused medical marijuana chew available in this region. O’MY! is designed for medical purposes and provides controlled and measured doses of cannabinoids for therapeutic effects based on your healthcare professional’s recommendations. Please ask for a confidential consultation with our Capitol Wellness pharmacists should you have any questions on this or other products.  

We extend a warm invitation to join us at Capitol Wellness Solutions on August 17th, from 1 pm to 3 pm, as we celebrate the highly anticipated launch event. Join us for an unforgettable experience where you can indulge in the delightful flavors of Ayo’s un-infused gummies, learn about the world of terpenes, and enjoy exciting giveaways. Ilera Holistic Healthcare, Southern University’s partner, develops and produces AYO branded products.  

We are thrilled to unveil a fascinating detail: Chancellor Orlando McMeans, the esteemed Dean of Southern University’s Agricultural Research & Extension Center, has named the O’MY! Chew. This gesture pays homage to his family legacy, signifies his four-year tenure at Southern University (symbolizing the 40 mg potency), and pays tribute to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. with its royal blue hue.  

Note that from 2 pm to 3 pm, we will welcome a lineup of esteemed guests, including the CEO and distinguished Ilera Holistic Healthcare team members, along with associates from our collaborator, Southern University, graced by Chancellor McMeans himself. The event promises to be a remarkable gathering of industry leaders and visionaries, making it an unforgettable occasion.  

Experience the uniqueness of the O’MY! 40mg Pineapple Key Lime Chew, masterfully crafted by Ilera, that sets new standards in the medical marijuana landscape. Capitol Wellness Solutions is thrilled to bring forth a product that stands at the forefront of innovation. Our excitement knows no bounds as we prepare to distribute this new chew that is only available in this region.  

About Capitol Wellness Solutions

Capitol Wellness Solutions, located at 8037 Picardy Avenue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, aims to provide a safe and compassionate environment for patients seeking medical marijuana treatment. With a wide range of high-quality cannabis products and personalized care, the pharmacy strives to improve the overall well-being of its patients. The knowledgeable staff is dedicated to educating patients about the benefits of medical marijuana and guiding them in making informed decisions regarding their treatment plans.